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Onze Diensten

Inbound and outbound groupage


We have years of experience when it comes to unloading and loading of groupage containers.

Our tailor-made software is equipped with all conveniences, enabling us to manage all shipments quickly and in detail.

For you as a client, this means that you will be provided with all necessary and desired information in a very well-organized manner.

We are a little further away from the container terminals than other groupage warehouses, but this hardly makes any difference in terms of costs for container transport and we believe it is more important; we are centrally located and easily accessible.

The receivers at our location are not affected by the constant and increasing traffic chaos in and around the Botlek & Maasvlakte.

Something that one gets involved with when picking up at groupage pilots there, to the great annoyance.



We have plenty of loading docks at our modern location.

Due to the short driving distances, we can perform cross-docking very quickly at competitive rates.

Wheter it concerns 1 load per month or 25 loads per day, we are always there for you to execute it quickly and professionally.

Lenght loads


Thanks to our know-how and materials, we can unload and load almost all lenght loads.

Consider, for example, pipelines or offshore equipment.

We can also realize unloading and loading in / out of open top containers from above via crane (hiring base) at our location.

Oversized cargo


Machinery of 250cm wide or 280cm high? Or something else that is too wide and/or too high for normal sea containers? No problem for us. We are also experienced with loading and unloading of flatracks incl. lashing & securing.

Loose cargo.


Loose 200L drums, bales, cartons or bags? 300 packages or 2000 packages per container? 5kgs or 80kgs per package? We do not shrink from anything, in fact, come on!

Loose in and out again? Or loose in, palletizing, sealing, labeling and sorting by order number, we can achieve it all quickly and neatly.

Cars and motorcycles.


We can take care of unloading, loading & seaworthy securing of cars and motorbikes.

Upon receipt, we carefylly check the card and/or motorcycle to record any damage.

With loading and securing we ensure, among other things, that the straps cannot scratch the rims and car.

Order picking


With our software you can view the stock and order in real time. We then ensure that it is quickly and neatly prepared in the correct quantities for collection.



As already described on the homepage, we have access to a modern bonded-warehouse of 2500m2 with possibilities of expansion to 6500m2. We have also the possibilities to store goods outside, in front of our warehouse (when cargo is weather-proof).

Our warehouse is located on a secured and enclosed site with surveillance cameras and of course an alarm system. 

So you can safely store all your goods with us.



Due to very good and close relationships with various reputable transporters, we can also arrange transport for you so that you can keep everything in one hand if you wish.


We can take care of almost all conceivable transports:

    ● Containertransport to and from the terminal

    ● Transport Benelux from us and to our warehouse

    ● Transport Europa from us and to our warehouse

    ● Emergency transport

    ● Special transport

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